Syptus: Lead Generation Campaign

Syptus is a US based startup which develops SaaS in the domains of AdTech, SocialTech, Marketing Measurement and Marketing Automation.

I worked with Syptus for their Lead Generation Campaign for the products FB API Development and DataX.

Following blog posts of Syptus were focus of the promotion:

Building a custom web analytics tool for capturing user level clickstream data- A big data approach
Redefining Web channel measurement-Moving from ‘Web analytics’ to Digital Business Intelligence
Acquisition marketing evaluation using lifetime customer value
Leveraging web usage mining techniques for improving Retargeting ROI
AdWords Quality Score tool-A data warehouse approach
Web content mining use cases-A pattern based discovery and solutioning approach
Marketing data feeds for self-service BI
Evaluating the Roi Performance Of Price Comparison Sites For Ecommerce Marketing
Adobe Analytics attribution measurement
Estimating Marketing ROI for email sign-ups and ‘soft conversions’- A Data warehousing approach

Following tactics were used for the promotion,

  1. Use of discovery hashtags on Twitter, FB & G+: Every Thu & Fri, the link for the choosen blog post was shared along with a graphic banner bearing the blog post title. Two hashtags, TBT/FBF and post centric hashtag were used alongwith. The blog link was a custom link (start a fire, SAF link), so the webpage showed a pop up (link to Syptus blog or any two Syptus blog posts or a snippet of a blog post). Different text snippets were used for the posts. Some 200 influencers were requested over four months for social shout at Twitter.
  2. Infographic: The blog post was repurposed as an infographic and was shared on Tuesday. e.g. 
  3. Storify: Every Monday a story board was posted with top MarTech Stories of the past week, where all the story links were SAF links. 11 story boards have been posted so far. A theme based story board was created . It was periodically posted as a SAF link.
  4. Reblogging at Quora: A new MarTech blog was started at Quora where all the above mentioned posts were reblogged along with link to the Syptus blog, brief info about Syptus and original link. 19 tech writers/ Marketing Automation startups C-suite joined the blog.
  5. Triberr: A new blog sharing community was started at Triberr, where bloggers automatically share each other’s blog posts. Only posts generated 3 months back can be populated in the Triberr stream. The potential reach of Syptus is 3 M with 39 bloggers of marketing and tech domain accepted to auto share the blog posts.
  6. Stumble upon: Some 180 articles pertaining to Big Data, Marketing Automation and AdTech were added along with all the Storify boards. All links were SAF links.
  7. LinkedIn: 13 groups pertaining to our niche were joined. All the above blog posts were posted every Wednesday with SAF links. In addition. Clickbait third party stories were posted along with SAF links.

Google Analytics was used for all the analytical purposes.

Simple Excel template for Persona Research used in this campaign: persona-model

Simple Excel template for Content Matrix used in this campaign: content-matrix