Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing for small and medium businesses in India

Making of a Hospitality Website

Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing for small and medium businesses in India

I got this hospitality website project by serendipity. I, my husband and two of our friends stumbled upon a camping resort in Nainital, Uttarakhand. The resort had not debuted formally. Such a beautiful sight, calmness all around… we just loved the place. It turned out that the resort was looking to create their website. Wow!

This was my first hospitality project and I learned a lot. Like what are Swiss Cottage tents and so on.

The Nature Drops Resort project had 4 parts

  1. Creating a WordPress website for the resort
  2. Writing website content for the resort
  3. Writing blog posts for content marketing for the resort
  4. Designing a logo for the resort

The persona for the resort is

  1. Age 30-55
  2. Located in NCR
  3. Corporate employee/Affluent
  4. Interested in offbeat experiences, nature junkie

The features for the resort website were decided

  1. Simple to navigate
  2. Conveys the earthy or organic feel
  3. Tells what to expect at the resort
  4. No fuss, easy to load at mobile

The content for the resort website and blog were kept simple. You are not interested in long reads when you are planning a quick get away. WhatsApp sharing button was put everywhere so that you can quickly post to your trip group-‘look this is my suggestion’.

The features of resort logo were decided

  1. Elegant
  2. Relatable
  3. Personifies the name

I designed the logo which conveyed all the major features,

  1. The idea of a drop
  2. Nature around the resort- hills and forest

The only challenge was – amateur photographs. It is always suggestible to use the original photos in the hospitality project. Common sense it is. The administration made it clear that they will be providing professional photographs over time, but right now all they needed was the website to tap the Christmas business. All cool.

The website still has few things to do. But I am happy as the client is happy. Yayy!

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