Tips for the perfect headshot

I am a fan of Neil Patel and when he gives tips on personal branding, they are worth it. We all have had a secret dream of making our own personal brand and as per Neil, the most important tip for that is- use headshots.

Using a consistent headshot enables attachment of a personality to a brand.

So how to have a perfect headshot ? Here are 3 quick tips for a perfect headshot from the professional model Deepika Basran

1. Use photograph clicked in a well-lit environment : Light improvises the sentiment of the photograph. With all contours and features clear, the picture is 70% more likely to be remembered than an ill-lit shot. Natural light is better than any other light source. And as the professional photographers say, photography is a game of light.


2. Smile: Don’t frown or pout. Sometimes it is okay (if you are a helpless millennial or if it is a house party) but for personal branding, it is not a rational choice. Frowning and pouting reduce recognisability.


3. Don’t overuse filters: Filters should improve the quality of picture and not change it. For exmaple, in the below picture Sepia filter improves texture of the image. Don’t be tempted to use a filter, simply because it exists in your photography app.


All pepped up to get yourself snapped ? Do check these tips from Hubspot Blog.

You can find Deepika at Instagram

Also if you have other cool tips, add in comments

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