How to become a popular Quoran?

Disclaimer: It is not a tutorial for becoming Top Writer at Quora

I am a mildly popular Quoran, with 14K+ followers and Top Writer 2015. Vidushi Rastogi at Quora

And in my two-year stint at Quora, I have found some hacks for Quora that work for sure.

Firstly, why would you do want to be on Quora? I mean you already are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and God knows what.

Quora has more meaningful content than any of the platforms listed above. This also translates into more shelf life of content. And this is the reason, dear reader, for which you should be on Quora. My answers dating circa 2013 get upvotes and I keep on updating them with new information. How useful is that!

Unique benefits of Quora

  1. First person information on subjects that are rather elusive. How cool is to know what it is like to be a sniper from a Navy Seal Sniper himself
  2. First person account of domain experts like Rand Fishkin, Ashton Kutcher , Jimmy Wales
  3. Engaging content on almost all topics ranging from Marketing Automation to First love
  4. Unlike Yahoo answers, Jelly and other Q&A format sites, noise is lesser at Quora

Now coming to the main question at hand, how to be a popular Quoran?

Below are simple tips to increase number of followers at Quora


  • Like all other social platforms, visual content is preferred at Quora. However, avoid memes and other uninformative media as these will lead to collapse of your otherwise good answer. The image should add to the sentiment of the answer, like this
  • Use bold and italic face judiciously, so that the reader gets the gist of the content in a glance, like this
  • Mention TLDR for the long write-up. A crisp summary may tempt the reader to go through all of it, like this
  • Little humor acts as click bait for your serious content
  • Honest emotional content fetches followers

Don’t s

  1. Do not spam. Asking irrelevant and redundant questions, posting troll comments and unnecessarily messaging people will lead you getting blocked at Quora. Be nice and be respectful
  2. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, people don’t follow back at Quora. They want a clean feed unlike automated, noisy, bot populated feed of other platforms. So don’t play follow and unfollow game

Know about diverse qualities of the most popular Top Writers here

Let me know in comments if you have more hacks.

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